I am Michele and I create digital collage art from my home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I take great pleasure in the creative process, and Im excited to share my creations with you. Here, I'll address some frequently asked questions about my collage art.

What is Collage Art?

Collage is an art form created by piecing and layering a variety of images and textures from different sources to create a whole new work of art.

Where do I get the images I use in my collages?

I collaborate with numerous artists who sell their artwork in clipart form across various online platforms. These artists generously provide licensing agreements for their creation, which I acquire. This agreement allows me to create collage art with their images with the intention of selling the resulting creations.

Overtime, Ive amassed a vast collection of thousands of individual images contributed by artists from around the globe. These diverse elements serve as as the building blocks for my unique collage art prints.

What tools do I us to create my collage art?

I use a regular 9th generation  iPad with the Procreate app. and my trusty Apple Pencil.